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I build creative internet solutions.

When I was a young kid, I fell in love with computers. In my early years, I grew an affinity for harnessing technology to build cool things. Now, I spend my time turning ideas in reality...

let myLife = 'as a JavaScript developer.'


underviews.com is a one of Florida's premiere blogs covering rap-music and underground scene as it happens. UNDERVIEWS is known for hosting captivating events that highlight genre-bending artistry.

underforums.com is a discussion-based community driven by members from all over the world. Sign up and join us on Discord.


spicyhq.com danieldelacour.com COVID-19: The Numbers Dazed in Alico BitNote SongClip Rents Due FLA

Developer Tools


textbase.js is a static site generator for developers to build near perfect static website painlessly fast. The page you're looking at was built in textbase.js.


A quick and easy way to get the temperature of your Raspberry Pi with a single command. Built in NodeJS.


anti.css is a super light-weight classless CSS micro-framework. Develop modern websites in HTML. anti.css is a classless* CSS framework developed with designing prototypes in mind.


A command-line tool written in JavaScript to quickly scan common ports on all the devices on your local network (or a target host) in just one line.

Mobile Config Generator + API

Generate your .mobileconfig files instantly—for free. Use your .mobileconfig to automatically configure email accounts with custom settings on iOS and macOS devices.

Cydia Repo

Tweaks and widgets for jailbroken iOS devices.

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