Some people might tell you that you don’t need a website. Some people will say streaming services and social media profiles are all you need. Some people will say—

Those people are wrong.

It’s essential to have a website. In short, your website is the ‘home of you brand’ responsible for the centralization of all the content you put out. We’ll highlight a few reasons why.

1. It’s your base for Googleability

There’s no magic way to appear at the top of Google search results. Google has a robust process of delegating the listings, which can work to your benefit with the proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short). It’s true, modern social medias and music streaming services like SoundCloud allow people to potentially find you by Googling your exact profile name, but that does you nearly no good. Catching searches of things like ‘houston rappers’, ‘synth rappers’, and more can lead to a large increase in traffic. Having a website is the start of a lifetime of internet presence and SEO tasks supported by your various actions online.

2. It’s the best way to share your music, and the best way to be remembered.

It’s not common to see a musician handing out business cards. It’s not easy to remember people you meet if you didn’t meet them in under remarkable circumstances. It’s even harder to remember people with strange names—like artists. Having a website is the best way to share your music. Your website will present a customized design that garners the viewers attention on your brand (and your brand only). Readily available will be streaming links for all streaming services. No more spelling out your Instagram page.

3. Labels will take your more seriously

As you know: image is everything. If you’re searching for major attention from anyone, including labels, professionalism is key. Having your website readily available with content that easily viewable and shareable is key.

4. You can have dedicated emails

In most circumstances, your website will provide you with email hosting for inboxes like This will boost your professionalism greatly if you’re busy sending emails to labels, listeners, and others.

5. Every major artist has one

Not only does every major artist have a website—it’s updated very frequently to promote the current project and/or image of the artist.

The list goes on. I could host a seminar to highlight all the benefits of having a website—but it’s clear. In 2020, it’s essential for an artist to have a website.